Carpet Seaming Tape

The best all purpose heat-bond tape.  Designed for most domestic and commercial installations.  Has adhesive between the ten

adhesive beads to help penetrate the carpet backing.  Has a fairly high softening point to help where under carpet heaters are used.  Always test a small piece of carpet prior to seaming to ensure that a proper bond is obtained.


• Smoothbond Tape 10 Beads: a proven all-purpose heat bond tape

    designed for domestic and commercial installations. Has adhesive

    between 10 beads to help penetrate the carpet backing and

    boasts a high softening point for where undercarpet heaters are


• Packed in 100m rolls per box.  (Other packaging can be arranged

    for large quantities)

• Maximum Hot melt for maximum penetration

• Environmentally-safe hot melt adhesive

• Virtually odour-free when used in conjunction with a clean iron

• Heavy duty woven fibreglass scrim for maximum holding power


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