Smoothedge is the leading supplier of Carpet Protectors, chair mats that are floor protectors for both wooden floors, carpets and tiles.


Chair mats include the traditional spiked carpet protectors and non-slip carpet protectors.


Through state-of-the-art extrusion and  international design standards, Smoothedge is an industry leader supplying floor protectors of superior quality.




Castor chairs have the following in common:

•They all sooner or later damage the surface on which they are used.

•They don't have the ability to glide effortlessly across the floor and

•They all contribute to fatigue. By the need to exert physical body effort to

    move your chair around your workstation causes increased tiredness.


Our carpet protectors solve all the above:


•Allowing effortless movement around your workstation.

•Providing years of protection to your floor surface be it carpet wood or


•Unbreakable material.

•Durable textured surface finish and high impact resistance.

•SUPERGRIP ensures the protector stays in place thanks to a grid of

    4mm undersurface spikes.

•EASYEDGE  allows smooth transition from floor protector.

•Misty translucent colour compliments all interior finishing.

•Prevents back strain due to chair castor resistance.

•Environmentally friendly - produced from recyclable Polypropylene.


•Sizes to suit all workstation requirements.

Small Chairmats

SIZE: 1200mm X 900mm










Large Chairmats

SIZE: 1350mm X 1140mm








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