Flooring Tools

Swivel Lock Stretcher

The Swivel-Lok Stretcher is the most advanced stretcher

available. Switch handle locks into 17 different positions.


• Unique swivel head for stretching angles or corners

• Variable pin penetration

• Low profile head with platform makes it compatible with

        a knee kicker

• Stretch up to 7.20m with 4 included tubes

• 45cm Spring loaded tail block with foam wall

      protector and wheels for additional support

• Blow molded heavy-duty carry case

• Additional Stretcher tubes available for purchase

carpet stretcher, adjustable stretcher, swivel head stretcher, stretch carpet stretcher

Knee Kicker

The Deluxe Knee Kicker has been an industry standard for years.


• Trigger assembly easily adjusts length from 43cm to 53cm

• Superior die cast aluminium body is lightweight and durable

• Foam-filled seamless bumper pad for your comfort

• Easily adjustable pin depth dial

• Centre-grooved head for adjusting stretcher head

• High contour neck for use over stretcher head and poles

knee kicker, carpet stretcher, carpet kicker, deluxe carpet stretcher, deluxe knee kicker

Deluxe Heat Bond Irons

The Deluxe Heat Bond Iron has been a first choice for fitting

   professionals for some time.


• Streamlined, low profile design lets you join carpets easily

• Grooved base allows for maximum glue penetration

• Thermostat indicator light shows when iron is heating up

• Even heat distribution for thorough melting of adhesive

• 3-point cord guide keeps cord out of way


heat bond seaming iron, carpet seaming iron, heat bond carpet iron, heat bond iron

Metal Stair Tools

metal stair tool, metal bolster, carpet tucking tool, stairway tucking tool

Use to set carpet into smoothedge, drive carpet into gullies, crease carpets along wall line and tuck carpets into stairway crotch.


• Has a longer life span than brick bolster

• Made from chrome plated steel for durability


Carpet Seam Roller

Extra wide 12cm head reduces dishing in seam area.


• Comfortable handle

• Get stronger seams and increase hot melt transfer into carpet

      backing with stationary roller shaft

• Blends yarn for better looking joins

• Moves forwards and backwards without altering position

      of carpet backing



carpet seaming roller, seaming roller, carpet roller, tufting tool

Loop Pile Cutter

Cuts most loop pile carpets efficiently regardless of thickness.


• Unique two-blade design accommodates both left and right         positions for cutting closer to pile row

• Throat opening adjusts for different carpet backs

• Blades angle allows for easy cutting

• Made from stainless steel for durability

• Helps make invisible joins

• Uses slotted blades packed in 10’s (cat 604)


carpet seam cutter, loop pile carpet cutter, carpet cutter, seam cutter

Base Moulding Lifter

Specially-curved design with notched ends for easy nail removal.


• Forged from high carbon steel

• Neccessary for fitting

moulding lifter, gripper lifter, carpet gripper lifter, smoothedge lifter, carpet tack strip lifter

Carpet Shears

• Made from high carbon steel

• great cutting ability

textile shears, carpet shears, 30cm shears, heavy duty shears

Duckbill Napping Shears

• Offset handle and special blade prevents gouging

     while napping



napping shears, edgings shears

Claw Hammer

Long claws are ideal for pulling up old smoothedge strips.


• Comfortable wooden handle

• 900g weight


claw hammer, hammer, heavy hammer

Deluxe Carpet Clamp

Unique design gives maximum pulling power.


• Serrated clamps provide firm carpet grip

• Large comfortable handle

• Solid die-cast aluminium

• A must to help uplift carpets


carpet clamp, carpet puller

Plastic Stair tool

• Lightweight plastic tucking tool will not mark or damage walls

• Use around toilets and ceramic tiles without fear of breakage

plastic bolster, plastic stair tool, plastic carpet tucker

Heavy Duty Roller

• 3 part steel induction roller.

• Segmented rollers exert even pressure on uneven surfaces

• Insert axles won’t scuff walls or skirtings

• Made from heavy duty steel

• Made in our workshop, so quick turn around time guaranteed

• Other weight available on request

stickdown carpet roller, roller, vinyl floor roller, heavy duty roller, floor adhesive roller

Floor/Wall Scraper

• Has an extra sharp 100mm Hardened Steel Blade clamped with 3

     Screws for maximum holding

• Strips floors, walls and wallpaper with a clean cutting action

floor scraper, wall scraper, floor remover, wall paper remover

Utility Knives

• Light weight unique construction for cutting all types of flooring

• Checkered handle for slip resistance

• Handle stores additional bladea (not included)

• One blade included

• Affordable price

• Die cast aluminium

utility blade knife, razor blade kinfe, carpet kinfe

Spiked Rollers

• Used to deaerate floor screeds.

• Available in 12mm spike, 12mm super sharp and 31mm spike

spiked roller for screed, deaerator for screed, bubble remover for screed

Spiked Shoes

• Our spiked shoes with 25mm or 31mm long steel spikes

• One size fits all

spiked shoes for the installation of screed, spiked shoes for the installation of underlayment

Double Edged Rake

• Rakes are for spreading new floor coatings to a desired thickness

• Rake will spread 40% of tooth depth

• Available in 450mm and 600mm

rake for the installation of screed, rake for the installation of underlayment

Polyurethane Rake

• Our Polyurethane Rake is a non-marking tool to spread flowable

     floor coating materials

• Flexible balde will not shatter

• Available in 450mm and 600mm

used to spread screed, used to spread underlayment

Adjustable Screed Box

• There is no need for screeding bars, or time consuming inefficient

      setting up

• Just set the height, weight the ballast cavity, load with material, and


• After adjusting the front screeding plate to the required height the

      surfacing material is applied to a uniform finished thickness


screeding installation box, underlayment installation box

Round Pinned Levelers

•  Adjustable Pin Levelers spread flooring overlay compounds in one

      easy application

• The tools are ideal for application of floor coatings having good

      flow characteristics

• Available in 450mm and 600mm

used to level screed, used to level underlayment

Skeg Levelers

• Skeg Leveler has four pre-set skegs that determine the depth of


• Perfect choice for applying self-smoothing materials to achieve

     uniform thickness

• Available in 450mm and 600mm

used to level screed, used to level underlayment

Floor Spreader

• Adjustable heavy-duty spreader for application of flowable overlay

     materials applied in excess of 4mm thick

• Available in 800mm

• Provides adjustment from 0mm to 50mm

used to spread screed, used to spread underlayment


• Is a foolproof, simple to use leveler for spreading semi flowable

     materials at precise thicknesses

• When one contact point is worn, the wing nuts are simply


• Available in depths of 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8 and 10mm

used to spread screed, used to spread underlayment

Self Leveling Screed Mixer

used to mix self levelling screed

Portable Slow Speed Pan Mixers


Our PORTIMIX® is a robust, portable, slow-speed, forced-action pan-mixer for multi-component resins, grouts and mortars and designed for fast track use. The PORTIMIX® will produce a smooth homogeneous compound quickly and efficiently.


The maneuverability of the PORTIMIX® and compact size allows it to be easily transported and get to those difficult to reach job sites. The stainless steel pan is easily removable.


The PORTIMIX® supplied with two pans to allow for continuity of mixing and uninterrupted application of materials


Available in 30 and 50ltr capacities


• Squeegees are available in three sizes, 325mm 450mm and

     600mm wide for efficient spreading of primers & thin coatings

•The blades are made from either firm white non-staining extruded

     Nitrile rubber

• Available in 325mm, 450mm and 600mm

spread primers, spread thin coatings

Large Spatulas

• The thin flexible spring steel blade allows the tool to be used as a

      surface smoother providing trowelling qualities

• Available in 300 x 100mm and 600mm x 100mm

spread primers, spread thin coatings

Hand Trowels

• Trowels Avalable for Carpet and Vinyl Adhesives, Ceramic Tiles,

     Screeding compounds

• Available in teeth sizes of 2mm

used to spread ceramic tile adhesive, used to spread porcelain tile adhesive, used to spread adhesive, used to spread carpet and vinyl adhesive

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