Designed especially for the permanent installation of most types of artificial turf and outdoor carpets.  Can be used through a wide temperature range (7°C to 38°C) and is waterproof to withstand light rain soon after installation.


• Only needs to be applied to one surface

• One part application so no on-site mixing required

• Superior peel/shear strength

• Waterproof

• Bonds most applications

• Different size packing available on request

Anti-microbial resistance system the inhibits the growth of mould, mildew and odour causing bacteria in both wet and dry adhesive

Documented tests run on each batch of adhesive testing the peel and tack of this product.

All Weather Outdoor Adhesive

Open time 2 hours


Available in:

25 litre - 158

5 litre   - 159

2 litre   - 152

1 litre   - 154

Made in South Africa

Floor Covering type

Trowel Notch Size

Trowel Blade

Approx. Coverage

Astro Turf

2 x 3 x 3mm

Flat top V Notch

2,5 m2 per Litre

Outdoor Grass

6 x 6 x 6mm

Flat top V Notch

1,2 m2 per Litre

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