Outdoor Adhesive

All Weather Outdoor Adhesive

Designed especially for the permanent installation of most types of artificial turf and outdoor carpets.  Can be used through a wide

temperature range (7°C to 38°C) and is waterproof to withstand light rain soon after installation.


• Only needs to be applied to one surface

• One part application so no on-site mixing required

• Superior peel/shear strength

• Waterproof

• Bonds most applications

• Different size packing available on request

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2 part Polyurethane

Two part polyurethane adhesives are curing systems. The two components can be mixed using automatic equipment or by hand.  Once mixed the adhesives cure to form high performance structural adhesive film with excellent heat and chemical resistance.


• Offers superior bond strength to most adhesives available on the


• Offers high heat and chemical resistance

• Fire-retardant

• Different size packing available on request

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