Self Levelling Screed

Smoothkrete Ultra

SuperKRETE is a pumpable/pourable, screed with high performance self-leveling qualities designed for use over a variety of substrates.  The smooth surface is ideal for the installation of epoxy, polyurethane, carpet, ceramic or natural stone, resilient, laminate and wood flooring.


• Low shrinkage

• Crack resistant

• Fast curing - walkable in 2-4 hours; install permeable coverings in

    6 hours; non-permeable coverings in 12-16 hours

• Thicknesses range from 1.6mm up to 25mm depth.

• Extended working times for maximum usability

• Pumpable, pourable, free-flowing

• Available in 20kg bags

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CalKRETE is an innovative product that elevates gypsum based screeds to unparalleled performance.  CalKRETE is a fast setting, self leveling underlayment.


• Fast setting

• Accelerated drying

• Self Leveling

• Provides a smooth and crack resistant surface

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Bonding Liquid

A high quality cement additive for improved adhesion, water resistance, tensile and flexural strength. Recommended for use with smoothKRETE. Ensures getting the job right the first time.


• Increases bond strength, compression and water resistance

   in smoothKRETE and SuperKrete

• Can be used as a damp-resistant layer

• Also used as a bond liquid for tile adhesive

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