• Stair rods provide a prestigious finish to any carpet runner.

• Mainly used in luxury, houses, hotels and casinos

• Lathe turned and polished brass

• The ultimate aesthetically-pleasing finish to a carpet runner on a


• Solid Brass Rods

• Tailor-made to fit any runner

• Finials turned by lathe to finish off the rod ends

• Variety of Finials available

• Easily removed for cleaning and fitting because of hinged design

• 10mm Solid brass Rod for a runner up to 1 meter

• 12mm Solid brass Rod for a runner up to 1,5 meter

• 14mm Solid brass Rod for a runner up to 3 meter

• Can be manufactured in Brass, Copper and Stainless Steel

Brass Stair Rods and Brackets


312  -  10mm Brass Stair Rods

311  -  10mm Brass Brackets


319  -  10mm Stainless Steel Stair Rods

320  -  10mm Stainless Steel Brackets


        -  10mm Copper Stair Rods

        -  10mm Copper Brackets





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